Arianna Paranzino
Published on:
November 2, 2023
min. read

Product Release Notes: 11.2.23

NEW 🚀 Lev Match Tasks Center

Keep on top of your action items and automate lender follow-ups. Managing requests from multiple lenders, staying on top of new terms, and following up with lenders to keep your deal moving forward. It’s a lot. Let the new Tasks Center – now live in Lev Match – lighten your load. Once you launch a deal, your Overview page will automatically become your Task Center. Here’s a summary of the different features:

Automated lender follow-ups

There are now four automated emails that will go out to Lev lenders depending where they are in their process. These emails help nudge lenders to review your deal, remind lenders who have expressed interest to take the next step, and get lenders reengaged if they stop responding. [Action required]: these emails are on by default — you can adjust this by heading over to the “Settings” page.


This tab centralizes all of your deal-related messages. This is where you’ll see general lender messages, prompts for individual lender follow-ups and notifications from lenders who are willing to negotiate on your deal.

Document Requests

This is where you’ll see a summary of document requests from lenders. From this tab you can either grant access to documents if they are already part of your deal materials, or you can securely upload and share any new documents that are requested.

Terms Received

This is where you’ll see new terms as they come in. You can review the terms and choose whether or not they are competitive. If they are competitive, the platform will launch an email template for you to send to lenders so you can understand more about their process and next steps. If terms are not competitive you can decide whether you’re willing to negotiate or the terms are simply not a fit. Either selection will open pre-populated email templates for you to send to lenders.