Noelle Tomlin
Published on:
January 8, 2024
min. read

Product Release Notes: 1.8.24

Loan Expectations and Sizing: Test the market before launching a new deal

Lev's new Loan Expectations and Sizing tool equips you with real-time market data so you can understand expected terms and optimize your financing requests to improve your certainty of execution. This new tool enables you to make informed decisions, test your financing requirements risk-free against the market, and optimize your applications for success.

Why this matters

Gain a competitive edge

Utilize Lev’s real-time data to understand current market terms and align your financing request accordingly. With Loan Expectations and Sizing, you can make data-led decisions before even taking your deal to market.

Optimize loan requests

Improve the quality of your applications by leveraging market insights. Visualize how small changes will change your expected terms to improve your chances of loan approval and save valuable time and effort in the application process.

Conduct loan sizing

As you input deal details, real-time alerts will notify you of any potential constraints that lenders may raise, such as tight timelines or not achieving a minimum DSCR. Having these early warning signals limits issues that could kill your deal once you launch.

Other updates

  • You can now fully customize outreach emails for more flexibility and a personalized touch when sending your deal to lenders. Choose between our template or tailoring your emails.
  • When a lender passes on a deal, we now show pass reasons as part of the placement notes.
  • "Limited Service Hotel" has been added as a sub-asset type for hospitality assets.
  • "Condo" has been added as a sub-asset type for Retail.