Alex Vlasto
Published on:
June 15, 2023
min. read

Product Release Notes: 06.15.23

Enhanced Lender Profiles

Get more information about lenders with our new Lender Profiles. Concise summaries of lenders and their competitive advantages give you an at-a-glance overview. When you’re ready to go deeper you can then access more detailed insights into available programs, transactions lenders have completed and historic lending patterns. Lenders now also have the ability to directly edit their profiles ensuring all information is current and accurate. Watch a video for a sneak peek of the lender experience.

Deal creation made simpler

Updates to our deal creation workflow let you more accurately input your financing requirements and make it quicker to see available programs for your deal. With these updates you can now more easily specify details like loan amount, IO period and recourse preferences. We have also removed a number of fields and added them to the OM creation workflow, which helps streamline the initial deal creation process.

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Easier lender communication

A new action button beside each lender on your placement table lets you open their Lender Profile and then copy their email relay address. Copied email addresses can be pasted into whatever email tool you use, allowing you to message lenders on your deal both on and off the platform.

Better tracking of deal status

To help you more effectively track the status of your deals, we have added additional options to the placement status. New fields added in this release are: “not competitive terms”, “low probability”, “term sheet received”, “closing” and “closed”.

Other minor updates and bug fixes

  • “T12 NOI” field has been updated to “T-12 / In place NOI”
  • “Units” field has been updated to “Units / No. of Spaces”
  • Deal titles now save accurately as you’re creating deals
  • You will no longer receive “file too big” errors when uploading documents
  • As-is LTV constraint has been removed on bridge deals
  • Corrected an issue where certain lenders offering recourse loans were showing a green checkmark for “non-recourse”