Alex Vlasto
Published on:
May 18, 2023
min. read

Product Release Notes: 05.18.23

Match Breakdown

Match Breakdown is a powerful new tool that gives you complete visibility into which lenders are the best fit for your specific property and financing requirements. Match Breakdown replaces and significantly enhances our original Match Score feature.

You’ll find Match Breakdown insights displayed directly on lender suggestion results as well as within individual lender profiles:

A concise overview in the main lender suggestion list shows how lenders’ offerings align with your loan request. This easy-to-digest summary helps you quickly understand how potential lenders stack up against your specific needs.

When you select a lender profile, you’ll then be able to access a detailed list of Pros and Cons associated with choosing that given lender. The profile also includes a comprehensive breakdown of how the lender’s offering meets your requirements, providing you with the insights you need to build your lender shortlist.

Supporting Portfolio Deals

One of the most requested features from users is the ability to launch portfolio deals through the platform. With today’s release, that feature is now available.

When you are creating new deals, you now now have the flexibility to add either one or several properties to your transaction. If there is more than one property, your outreach email and lender deal room will automatically update to support this new deal type.