Nadja Sayej
Published on:
January 24, 2022
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6 Coworking Membership Clubs That Are Changing the Game

According to a recent report from Workhuman, 77% of workers are looking forward to returning to the office this coming January. Even if it’s just a few days a week, the hybrid workplace is becoming the norm, as offices open back up.

Michael Gregory, a partner at GGA Partners, a consulting firm that works with private clubs, said the changes in office space are affecting how we cowork.

“Changing trends in office space with many companies reducing their office footprint will increase demand for these clubs to host small group and business meetings,” Gregory predicted.

It makes sense that many private members clubs are adapting to a hybrid workplace model, keeping pace with our new normal.

“Many private clubs are evolving and reimagining the allocation of their space,” Gregory said. “With more business being conducted out of office, private clubs are looking at creating space and workstations for their members to conduct business or take a private call.”

Many coworking spaces have turned into membership-based micro social clubs. These coworking spaces offer memberships with perks, rather than one-off desk deals, and regular events for members. The community building aspect lends itself well to coworking spaces, many of which are becoming private clubs of their own.

However, it also works vice versa, as many private member clubs are taking tips from coworking spaces and building onsite office spaces in membership-based club spaces, too. Here are six membership-based coworking spaces that are changing the game.

1. Spaces Hudson Yards

This coworking space is simple, chic and set in the heart of Hudson Yards on the west side of Manhattan. From the seventh to the ninth floor of 424 West 33rd Street, the space is perfect for tightly-knit teams. They have a three-tier membership, from dedicated desks to a membership where it’s possible to work at one of their 3,000 coworking spaces across the globe.

2. SaksWorks

Set inside Brookfield Place’s shopping mall, SaksWorks is a coworking space tucked into the second floor of a high-end mall, overlooking the Hudson River. Inside, a cozy vibe has groups spread out across tables or individuals tucked into their pods, where Zoom calls can be conducted quietly. There’s also closed-off office spaces, too.

This membership club is more than just desks and chairs. It’s a new brand from Saks Fifth Avenue, and features an onsite gym with showers, and a new pop-up coffee shop that is soon to open. There’s also social programming, concierge services and freshly grown herbs grown onsite, which are bagged and given to members to take home. It’s what they call ‘life meets work.’

The staff also offers onsite wellness studios and health coaches, as well as workout sessions with instructors. As part of their events, there’s a speaker series with a rotating cast of guest speakers.

3. NeueHouse

With locations in New York and Los Angeles, NeueHouse is a membership-based private workspace owned by holding company CultureWorks, and aims to provide a workspace for creators, innovators and thought leaders. This is where they host “Ideas Dinners” and salon talks with business leaders.

A recent location that opened is the NeueHouse Bradbury in downtown Los Angeles’ oldest landmark, the Bradbury Building. The aim is to provide its members space for work, meetings, events and what they call “cross-community collaboration.”

“The local creative community is in search of a cultural and commercial hub,” Josh Wyatt, CEO of NeueHouse, said in a statement. “NeueHouse is the perfect place for new ideas, and new experiences to flourish. This building is a wonderful testament to the art of repurposing a historic, architectural gem for the future needs of the creative class.”

4. The Wing

With five locations across the country, The Wing is a women-only coworking club that is expanding beyond New York and Los Angeles, with new locations opening in Boston and Chicago. From private Zoom rooms and to conference space that can be booked, they offer high-end printing services, social events and complimentary coffee and tea, along with grab-n-go food options.

They have a two-tier membership for workers: individual members and corporate memberships for companies with five and more employees. Some of the events range from Therapy Thursday, which features different healthcare companies, and their Back to Business talks, which feature fireside chats with CEOs.

5. Industrious

Industrious is for those of us who have the luxury of working from home all the time, but sometimes miss the office. There are memberships for the hybrid workers who want to come into the office whenever they want.

With over 100 locations in 50 cities across the globe, they’ve adapted to the hybrid workplace by allowing flexible work schedules, from all-inclusive amenities, day passes, move-in ready offices for teams of 12, and even a professional address for small businesses. It even allows time in a conference room, so your home doesn’t have to be in the background of your high-profile Zoom calls.

6. Canopy

Canopy is another high-design, sustainable coworking space with full-floor tailored offices with three locations in San Francisco (Jackson Square, Pacific Heights, Financial District). Their membership options are flexible to your working style, whether one is looking for a private office or personal desk. It was co-founded by Amir Mortazavi, designer Yves Béhar and Steve Mohebi, an investor, in 2016. They host members-only events (they also host events that are open to the public). All in all, it’s what some call “community-driven.”