Nadja Sayej
Published on:
April 28, 2022
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10 New Towers Coming to the Miami Skyline

When we think of a sparkling skyline, what is there beyond Manhattan? Next up: Miami. The ‘New York of the South’ has over 20 condo developments in the works, at the moment, as Miami is now seeing the biggest high-rise construction boom in history. Several 500-foot towers are under construction, including the region’s first supertall, the Waldorf Astoria Residences, which is over 1000 feet tall. These hot developments aren’t limited to the shoreline. There are construction projects in Miami’s Wynwood district, Edgewater and Midtown, among others. Most of these properties are on the shore of Biscayne Bay in Downtown Miami, transforming the Miami skyline one supertall at a time.

Here are 10 new towers hitting the downtown Miami skyline that are under construction and set to open soon.

1. Aston Martin Residences

This sleek, rounded tower is designed by the British car manufacturer famed for being the car of choice for 007, James Bond. Designed by automotive engineers, the building has a sleek look that calls to mind the design of a high-end sports car. It topped off as the second tallest tower in Miami in December 2021, but that standing will change when other supertalls are built. It also boasts a hotel.

2. 830 Brickell

This 50-story tower standing at 734 feet is a $300 million office tower with expected completion this year. Though it isn’t as tall as the residential luxury condos in the area, it’s slated to be the second tallest office tower in Miami when it’s completed, and arguably the most modern-looking one.

3. St. Regis Residences Miami

St. Regis, the hotel group, will soon open their own sky-high residences in Miami. The project is being developed by the Related Group and Integra Investments, it’s designed by architects Robert A.M. Stern Architects (RAMSA) and Rockwell Group. The two towers each have a bell-shaped footprint at the base, and sleek, round forms that offer views of the bay. Their shape is a nod to the nautical lifestyle. The launch of the sales for the East Tower coincided with record-breaking demand for South Florida real estate. The broker firm working with the St. Regis, ONE Sotheby’s International Realty, saw $63 million in development sales in December 2021, up from $28 million in January 2021.

“Much like the original St. Regis hotel brought about a new era of glamor and classic sophistication for the Empire State, The St. Regis Residences, Miami, are ushering in a new era for Brickell and all of Miami,” said Jon Paul Pérez, President of Related. “Our entire development team is honored to have the opportunity to bring such a storied brand to this city, especially when energy and optimism around our region’s potential is at an all-time high.”

4. One Southside Park

This mixed-use project by JDS Development Group began construction in February of last year, and will soon be completed. Standing 754 feet tall, it’s 62 stories and has retail, restaurants and office space, as well as a sprawling urban park and a “treehouse hotel” surrounded by greenery. The hotel boasts 191 rooms across 62 floors.

5. Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami

Image Provided by the Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami

As the first supertall tower in Florida and claiming to be the tallest residential building south of New York City, this 1,049-foot-tall tower is set over Biscayne Bay with nine glass cubes sitting atop each other. It looks like stacked ice cubes. “We differentiated this cube-style architecture by tilting the first cube upward, and from there, we offset the other cubes and pushed the top cube out even further, providing an illusion that the tower is even taller than it is,” said architect Charles Sieger, of Sieger Suarez Architects in Miami.

6. Baccarat Residences

This 75-story tower, which is 828 feet tall, has already sold 60% of its residences, which are planned to be spread across three towers. Designed by Arquitectonica design firm, the towers are intended to resemble ocean waves in a “sea of glass.”

7. E11EVEN Hotel & Residences Miami/E11EVEN Residences Beyond

Image Provided by ArX Solutions

Most of Miami Beach has clean, classic designed buildings with mirrored towers. This two-tower project is set to stand out among the rest. It has a glossy finish in onyx, with mixed metals and intricate design. Created by design firm AvroKO, they highlight dramatic lighting and luxury details like mirrored metal finishes throughout. The goal is to have the look of “L.A. cool, meets NYC sophistication, meets Miami glamor.” The buildings boast fireplaces, natural stone flooring and lush landscaping in the residence lobby, as wellness is a key component to the luxury lifestyle here. Expect to see plant walls and enormous greenery giving it a rich jungle vibe. The first tower is already sold out.

8. Okan Tower

The building breaks ground this June. Created by Hilton Hotels, the tower is meant to be a hotel and condo for short-term rental residencies for luxury travelers. It’s what they call “the resort lifestyle” in a tower. Designed by Behar Font & Partners, it is a rounded building that intends to “epitomize elegance and symbolize optimism,” according to the architects.

9. Society Biscayne

Image Provided by Society Biscayne

This building is for the jet set under 40 crowd. As part of PMG’s Society Living portfolio, this 49-story tower is developed in partnership with Toronto-based real estate private equity firm Greybrook Realty Partners and designed by Sieger Suarez Architects. Set on the hot Biscayne Boulevard, the 882,000-square-foot project is expected to offer 646 rental apartments. Among the five-star amenities, there’s a massive pool deck, an outdoor yoga platform and a sky view hot tub overlooking Miami.

10. Bentley Residences Miami

With a 2026 completion date, one wouldn’t think this new tower with 200 units would be talked about — but think again. The sales office is already open for the early birds. The world’s first Bentley-branded luxury residences, it will be over 60 stories high and designed by the Bentley Design team. Developed by Dezer Development, the building aims to create a luxury building that’s “inspiring, powerful and soulful.” The aim is to reflect Bentley’s brand philosophies of authenticity, according to a statement. It’s a cylinder building designed to maximize ocean views from most parts of the tower. The low-energy building is already certified by the Florida Green Building Council to protect the local environment and wildlife.