Humans + Technology

By marrying the best advisors with cutting edge technology, we eliminate that uncomfortable feeling of not knowing how hard your broker is working for you.


There's no replacement for knowledgable and focused industry professionals leveraging their experience and relationships to help you finance your property. We've built (and are continuing to build) a team of incredible Experts to work for you.

Adam Sasouness

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Clark Valberg

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Adam Offman

Founding Expert
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Sammy Greenwall

Capital Markets
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Vlad Medvedovsky

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Talia Ritholtz

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Jibben Nee

Full-Stack Engineer
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Viktoriia Khankina

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Joe Teplow

Investor & Advisor
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Giri Vakkalanka

Full-Stack Engineer
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Tal Bar or

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Serge Bondar

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To make our humans more productive, we've built and implemented the world's most powerful technology for them. Our in-house, dedicated team, builds tools exclusively for internal use to help our partners do their job more quickly for you, and give you more visibility into the process. Think of them as our Experts' Superpowers.
We know the market... seriously

When you are looking for financing, your priority should be to partner with someone who knows a ton, and will work the hardest.

Today, there are hundreds of data sources that advisors can use to learn about the market, find comparable properties and understanding existing financing structures.

At Lev, we've combined the industry's leading private data products and public data sources with proprietary data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to help our Experts understand the market and financing opportunities with more accuracy, more quickly.

No more getting bogged down with documents

Go back and search your email inbox for your most recent financing deal. How many emails were there? 100? 500?

The documents, spreadsheets, scans and signatures that go into a financing can be overwhelming, and the only thing worse than reviewing all the documents is keeping them organized.

Our technology quickly and automatically organizes deal- and property-related documents, while digitizing them for easier management and storage.

Gone are the days of scrolling through hundreds of emails to find the latest rent-roll.

Clarity and Transparency for everyone

As a Borrower, you are always hoping that your team is really working on your deal. With Lev's Borrower Portal, you have a real-time and complete view into everything going on with your loan.

Do you want to see which banks we are currently in discussions with and their latest term sheets? Access the information in one click. Have a comment for your Expert? Send it right through the Portal.

We know how important financing is to your business plans, and you deserve to be able to stay on top of the process. No tricks, no surprises.

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